5 to 11 years old


Ages 5 to 11 / Y1-Y6

Committed to educating and nurturing all students, AIS has an innovative primary school, which inspires creativity and a love of learning. It is a school where children feel happy, valued and secure.

Our primary education is based on the English National Curriculum, but is adapted to suit our international student body; our aims are high and our exceptional team will motivate and inspire pupils to revel in their learning.

One day per week is devoted entirely to the Portuguese language. AIS puts emphasis on learning Portuguese to enable students to communicate and be aware of the culture of the country in which we live.

Let's learn, explore and grow together!

Each class has a main class teacher who covers the core subjects: English, Mathematics, Portuguese, Science and Humanities. However, pupils also benefit from specialist teachers who take them for Art, ICT (computer skills), Physical Education, Performing Arts and Music.

AIS provides an environment in which pupils will get captivating lessons and be given individual time and attention due to our small size classes.

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5 to 11 years old