Our school offers a healthy, positive alternative.

A small school by design, AIS offers an alternative experience to the big corporate schools. An outstanding alternative.

AIS classes have a maximum of twelve children; this in itself is a massive advantage as it ensures individualised attention for every pupil. The rate of learning, the comprehensive coverage of the curriculum and most importantly the time given by our teachers to understand each student and their learning style is invaluable in the education process.

At AIS the teachers want to get to know each student, to recognise and be fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses, likes and interests, in and outside of the classroom. Our responsibility is to educate, inspire and encourage each individual pupil to reach their potential.

AIS is a school with heart, integrity and transparency that aims to instil a love of learning. Our team go above and beyond, creating effective and captivating lessons, teaching with positive energy so that students gain the knowledge and understanding required.

The school has adopted the philosophy of educating the ‘whole child’ and encourages students to embrace the rewards of a positive growth mind-set. Respect, self-belief, confidence and happiness are all high on the agenda, creating a firm foundation upon which good quality learning can be built.

A culture that is open, transparent and approachable
For students and parents alike

AIS Community

Your children spend one hundred and eighty days at school per year and it is our task to ensure that our ethos, teaching and guidance have the best possible outcome, so that students reach their individual potential.

The directors welcome all queries, suggestions, concerns, ideas and worries and are happy to facilitate discussions to enable an environment where all parties are as happy as can be.

Happy teachers + happy parents + happy children = our recipe for a successful school.

There will always be challenges.... we are positive that by working productively together with parents and teachers, that these will be overcome in the best possible way.

Learn More

If you're interested in your child attending AIS or you would simply like to meet us and visit our school to learn more about us, please contact us.

Special Needs

AIS is committed to providing a challenging and stimulating environment where ALL children are understood as individuals with varying needs.

We are an inclusive school and welcome pupils who may have additional learning needs. We have a full-time ALN coordinator who works with teachers, parents and pupils to maximise positive outcomes.

Whether your child is dyslexic, has ADHD, ASD, anxiety issues, learning difficulties, a lack of confidence... at AIS we care and have the understanding to support, encourage and offer help to each child in whichever area they require it. This is something our school excels at.

Growth Mindset

At AIS we know that pupils who have a positive attitude towards their learning will make good progress and work towards reaching their potential.

We encourage students to adopt the mind-set of a learner who is not afraid of making mistakes but who thrives because of them, knowing that it is all part of the learning process.


Well-being is at the forefront of the AIS journey to success. We care about the mental and physical well-being of every child, teacher and member of our school community. We believe that students learn best when they feel safe, valued and happy.

Our staff are committed to providing an environment that nurtures personal growth, respect for each other and self-esteem.