Raising Money for a Local Orphanage 2023
January 4, 2023

It's amazing what word of mouth can do to help raise awareness!

It had come to the attention of our business teacher Lynette that a local charity, Emergencia Infantil Refúgio Alboim Ascensão, was in need.

In the wake of the pandemic, the amount of donations normally supplied to the orphanage had dwindled to almost nothing. With winter approaching the need for clothes, toiletries, blankets and food increased. As soon as Lynette heard of the need she instantly took action, mobilising the pupils and our wonderful parents to make sure that all the children got what they needed and much much more.

Within a fortnight, an abundance of donations were received at the school from parents, teachers and the students. With the extra help of year 10 students Mia, Evan, Annie, Brooke along with Sue and Andy Pope, Mia's parents, we were able to transport all the donations to the local orphanage.

As you can see the quantity of donations were breathtaking and we are thankful to everyone who donated, but especially to Lynette for organising the entire process and making sure that those children had these necessities in time for Christmas.

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