Year 6 Transition Week
June 29, 2023

Year 6 have had an amazing and hopefully useful week experiencing secondary school here at AIS in advance of their move into Year 7 in September.

Students started the week with getting to meet new teachers and to experience their subjects. They also were given their own timetables and learnt about the structure of the day in secondary school in preparation for next year.

A trip was organised for Wednesday. Year 6 spent the day working on an art project in Faro alongside year 7. The school was hoping to create strong links between the two year groups so that Year 6 pupils have some friendly faces and some resources to call on early next year. They also helped metal statue artist João Jesus, who uses recycled metals in his artwork. You can see some of his work here:

Bethany Blakemore, who is the school’s Drama and Performing Arts teacher and who will also be the new Year 7 tutor in September then arranged a team building day on Friday, again with both Year 6 and Year 7, where students were able to work together to win sweets and ice cream.

Overall, the year 6 pupils say that they enjoyed their experience in secondary and are looking forward to the new challenge next year.

I look forward to getting to study four languages.
I felt like an adult.
You can get chips at ATF!
We can play football with other years.
I really enjoyed Math, Science and PE.
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