Cross Country 2024
May 3, 2024

What an amazing day!

Today everyone came together to gain points for their houses. Yellow, Red, Green and Blue teams worked hard to gain the first four places in order to win extra points for their house. Just by taking part they already earned 10 points.

The schedule for the day was as follows: With the fun run giving everyone a chance to warm up and get familiar with the course. This was quickly followed by the years 2, 3 and 4 kicking of the races. First place went to Ryan and Clara.

Then Nursery, reception and year 1 took to the course to show us all how it's done. As the ran the course they were cheered on by all the students and teachers. Some teachers even ran the course with them, while Mariana and Chris took the lead to guide the way.

This was quickly followed by the year 5 to 7 taking their places and speeding around the track. In first plce were Julian and Maryka. Year 8 and 9 then made short work of the course completing 3 laps. First place was awarded to Til and Herman.

Then it was year 10 to 13 who took to the course and really showed off their skills, the boys even completed 7 laps. In first place were Liam and Casey. The parents even jumped at the chance to support their children and ran the course with extreme enthusiasm.

The house scores were:

First was Red team with 1660 points
Second place was Yellow team with 1635 points
Third place Blue team with 1545 points
Fourth was Green team with 1385 points
The end results were announced by Headstudent Camille

Amazing work and organisation from Jane and Marian, thank you for taking the time to arrange such a fun filled day!

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