Ski Trip 2023
May 16, 2023

AIS students were very excited for the opportunity to go skiing with the school recently.

From the moment of arrival, those left behind at school were sent countless photos of the students and teachers on the slopes and enjoying the snow.

One student, Camille Laurent from year 11, had this to say about the trip:

The AIS ski trip took place in Sierra Nevada, Spain. It was a wonderful location with amazing slopes. We were 20-30 children from years 9-11 accompanied by 3 teachers. It allowed GCSE PE students to do their exams in ski/ snowboarding. Non PE students enjoyed their lessons every day for 5 hours with expert instructors. The afternoons were chill time with 2/3 hours for relaxation and bonding between students and with pupils from other schools. It was a wonderful experience that allowed a lot of new experiences and memories.

- Camille Laurent

Once students had returned they continued to express how the trip had given them an experience that they wouldn't otherwise have been able to get. The teachers - Jane, David and Grannia - expressed their pride in the students as they overcame challenges and represented the school in a tremendous light. Everyone came back with stories to tell and an abundance of memories to share.

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