Theatre Trip
November 23, 2023

This week a range of students from years 1 to 8 were given the oppertunity to go and watch an interactive performance created and performed by Calliope Theatre Company.

These performances are Enligh based and where students get to jump onto the stage and be apart of the show.

Year 7 and 8s were very engaged with the performance of A Midsummers Nights Dream and loved interacting with the actors on stage. They got to fully understand the key parts of the play and how each of the characters felt towards each other. The texts were easy to follow and also combined Shakespearian with modern day english language.

It was so funny and I couldn't believe I was on stage playing a character without any practice

- Ffion Batten, Year 7

Thank you to Calliope Theatre company for entertaining, educating and engaging these students with you performance.

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